Program Support for Guest Artists in your School!

Living Sky will offer each school in our division up to 50% of the artist fee to bring in a guest artist for a workshop in your school. Generally, we suggest paying artist fees of $450/day. Please contact the Arts Education Consultant for more information at (306)937-7914.


Free Support!

Workshops in the Living Sky School Division are offered in response to teacher/school need as requested. Sessions can be tailored to suits your interests and audience. The Arts Education consultant is available to work with staff and/or students, in areas such as (but not limited to):

-masks, puppets and story

- Brain Dance & creative dance

- Visual Arts (variety of media)

- digital storytelling

- film & photography

- integrated arts

- building collective creations

- critical and creative thinking

- art strand specific

Arts Education Teacher Leaders are very familiar with the curriculum and can also offer support to planning and assessment. Are you interested in spending a day in someone's classroom? It can be very inspiring to watch another teacher in action and have time to discuss philosophy and practical approaches. Contact the Arts Education consultant to make arrangements to suit your needs.