Kindergarten Story Art

Lorna Reimer (Bready school) is a Kindergarten teacher who has been trying out new ways to exhibit the student's artwork in a way that also highlights the process.  As the students are working (painting in this case), she visits each one and interviews them about what they are doing. She records each child talking about their picture, revealing the thought behind the image and displays both the painting and the story.




Kindergarten children usually represent their work with symbols and it is not always easy to know what is going on in their mind, however they are usually very happy to describe it to you.Sometimes what may appear to be a big scribble is actually an in depth story or activity.


Mrs. Reimer also works with her students to collaboratively create their art work sometimes.  They read the book Frederick, by Leo Leoni, and then the students created a group collage for each section of the book. In this way they learned to share ideas, negotiate and to understand design together. Students do a lot of talking about their artwork!