Dance is the body communicating through patterns of movement and stillness. Creative dance combines the mastery of movement with the artistry of expression. When we teach dance concepts (not dance steps) we help students learn how to express themselves through a unique language. This way of knowing the world and expressing oneself opens up ways "to solve problems, express feelings, cooperate, accept and value individual differences, gain an awareness of their own and other's cultures and engage in an activity that increases self esteem." (Anne Green Gilbert)


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Dance and Assessment

Ashley Johnson teaches creative dance in Living Sky as a resident guest dancer. She has been exploring ways to assess students in dance by providing them with the language to express the dance concept verbally and through movement. This short video shares her experience with using student contructed criteria when looking at short dance compositions:

Shannon MacFarlane teaches Arts Education at Spiritwood High School and she shares her assessment strategies using purposeful language, pre-assessment and peer feedback  on this short video:




Culture Days

 "Dance in a BIG Way"

Join us for a mass dance on Friday, September 30th, 2011

Watch this video for instructions, practice with students and dance with your school on Friday. We hope you take some photos/videos to share with us!




"Inspiring Movement: One School Examines Learning and Dance"

(15:39) Creative dance and Brain Dance in McKitrick Community School

Ashley Johnson, dancer

Angela Edmunds, filmmaker

Sponsored by Living Sky School Division and Explorations (SK Culture)