Dance Gr 3


Big Ideas in Dance

  • Dance expresses ideas and we communicate with our bodies.
  • A dance phrase is like a sentence, a sequence is like a paragraph and a dance composition is like a story.
  • We can use the language of dance to understand how to create phrases.


Create a dance phrase and sequence that uses various actions to express the story.


  1. Pre-survey: vocabulary of Dance
  2. Self – Assess: ways to express an idea through dance
  3. Class Checklist: follow directions
  4. Rubric: to create a dance phrase and remember a dance sequence



  • Students will define vocabulary of Dance through discussion and examples shown.
  • Listen to directions and follow Brain Dance patterns as demonstrated.
  • Participate in Dance game warm up –  “Magic Hand”.
  • Listen, respond and interpret a story through movement, and practice ways to freeze.
  • Work with a partner, or small group, to create story tableaux.
  • Will recall the vocabulary of Dance used in the lesson.




Lesson Plan

Circle Time:

  • Introduce Big Ideas, indicate the "sound" for attention, discuss our expectations for dance and feeling comfortable in the group
  • Vocabulary
    – Space: self space “my bubble” & general space “big bubble”
    - pathways: direct (cat/mouse) & indirect (snowflake or leaf)
    - levels: high (ceiling), med (under a bridge), low (tunnel)
    - energy: fast (fling, bounce), slow (floating, waving)
    - Freeze

Warm Up:

“Brain Dance” – stretching and waking up the body

“Magic Hand”

Partner – take turns leading. One uses their hand to guide their partner in directions as called for pathways, levels, and energy

Checking In:

-       How does it feel? Does anything hurt? Are we being responsible to one another?

-       Recall the vocabulary together

Story Dance:

-       Recall the story of Little Red Riding Hood, who, where, what

-       Individually create a movement to represent Little Red/Grandmother/the Wolf/. The movement should take you to a new spot – how will you move, what pathway, energy and level?

-       Song # 13, Contrast and Continuum Vol III listen to the song to guide the movement phrases.

-       Checking In – how do we find ways to tell the story? Ask some to show us what they did.

-       Song #13 use the whole song to tell the rest of the story – sneaking, peeking, hiding, jumping,

-       Group of 3 – create a tableaux to show the story part you like the best – share with the group.

Closing Circle: reflect on the dance, what you liked, and will try again