Arts Ed 8 (integrated strands)




Find your inner monster. This Arts Ed unit guides students in creating a “monster” composite and using them as characters who examine and explore social ideas and problems through drama, visual art, movement and music. 


CP8.2 Investigate and use choreographic forms (e.g., theme and variations, canon).

CP8.6 Express student perspectives on social issues (e.g., poverty, racism, homophobia, sustainability, gangs) in drama and/or collective creation.

CP8.8  Investigate and make choices about musical structures in sound composition.

CP8.12 Solve visual art problems using a variety of processes and media.

CR8.3 Investigate and identify how arts expressions can reflect diverse worldviews.Outcome CR8.3


  • Use body and actions in innovative ways to develop sequences and ideas.
  • Collaborate with other students to explore compelling questions through drama
  • Contribute to the creation of a plan to document the creative process (e.g., reflective journal entries, video, photography, blog, or web-based diary)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how the elements and principles are used to create form and structure in music.
  • Explore and expand upon an idea to achieve more depth of meaning and expression.
  • Keep an ongoing record of ideas and works in progress for own visual art expressions
  • Describe how diverse worldviews may be represented in the arts.

* Unit Plan:  My Monster Wears Prada (pdf)