Arts Ed 10/20/30


Pat Cone (Hafford School) shares her unit for "The Psychology of Art" for the Arts Ed 10/20/30 class. She based it on the SK curriculum module called "Tell it Like it Is":
 (50 hours)

This module actively involves students in arts experiences that explore topics of interest selected by the students and teacher. Topics might include: Psychology/Emotions/What Motivates People?  (teacher choice in this case, not students' topic)

The students will:

  • continue to explore various sources of ideas and develop and convey their ideas through the arts

  • increase their understanding of the languages and creative processes of dance, drama, music and visual art

  • examine how various artists have represented or interpreted ideas that relate to those being explored by the students

 This notebook is simply an exploration and represents work continually in progress.

 * * *

She has published a Google Notebook named "The Psychology of Art". Check it out at: