Highschool Drama Resources

 This website is an extensive resource for highschool drama programs. It was created by Sherron Burns and Wendy James for iSchool in 2002. 

 A provincial organization dedicated to child and youth drama, with a commitment to professional development for teachers. 

 A website about theatre and staging that also features a section for teachers (including lesson plans). 

A website with links to writing plays and radio dramas. 

This site is home to a business for theatre seating, but the link (above) takes you to an extensive collection of links for theatre history. 

 Dr. McCoy has created an extensive list of resources for the teaching of drama and theatre. 

This site provides information on the games, the competition and other supports. 

The American theatre history can be broken down into several historical segments, each advancing the work in the theatre. To help understand the changes throughout history, click the link to view a collection of resources in each era. 

This is a extensive collection of theatre history links (from a western perspective) that extends from the Classical period to modern American theatre.  The site is hosted by a frangrance company but they don't appear to be selling their product on this resource list. (Thank you to Ms. Ward and her theatre class for making the link recommendation.)