Tara Brodin "Drama"

Are you interested in boosting up your Arts Education classes?  Learning some new techniques for engaging students?  Would you like to gain confidence while exploring ideas? This may be the PD you’ve been waiting for! Though we are working specifically with students from grade 7 – 12, the workshops are suitable for teachers of all grades.

Tara Brodin is coming to work in three schools, over three days, on various topics.  Teachers are welcome to join us for one, two or all three days. Teachers will participate in activities with Tara and the students from the host school, mix with colleagues and share ideas about ways to incorporate drama in the classroom. Most of us learn by doing - what a great way to learn best practices!

Monday, March 2’09 - Spiritwood High School: (1/2 day each)
grade 7  “Lean on Me”  (ensemble skills)
grade 9 - 12 – “Back to the Future” (devising/playwrighting)

Tuesday, March 3’09 - NBCHS: Drama 30 & IB Theatre Arts 20 –
“You Can't Handle the Truth”
(unlocking text, character development, movement)

Wed, March 4’09 - Unity High School – grade 7 & 8 (1/2 day each_
 “Unleash Your Inner Clown”
(clowning, physical comedy and improv)