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This site includes professional resources, lessons, links, and documentation of school projects in the Living Sky School Division. Living Sky teachers can submit their lessons to share on the site.
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How do you interepret the symbols for each of the 4 art strands?
How would your students interpret them?

Living Sky Dance Education blog

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 Middle Years Arts Education



"Inspiring Movement Through Dance"

How can we inspire our students to move with confidence, to express themselves through dance and to simply begin to move more throughout the day? 


Integrated Arts Ed Project

We have many examples of exciting integrated Arts Ed projects in Living Sky. Story through Dance, Voice and Drum was filmed at Cut Knife High School, and weaves together dance, voice and drum to tell a story. This 10 min video highlights some of the Big Ideas in Arts Education:
  the importance of creative thinking
engagement in the creative process
inclusive collaboration
risk taking and experimentation 
the value of artist/teacher/student partnerships
using the language and vocabulary of the Arts

Story through Dance, Voice & Drum from Sherron Burns on Vimeo.

Big Ideas in Arts Education:

Multiple perspectives open my thinking

Imagination  can be developed

Understanding leads to empathy

My ideas have value

I value the contributions of others

Expression can take many forms

Mistakes are important & lead to persistance

I can think critically, contextually and creatively

Multiple intelligences are engaged

Cultural explorations are authentic and meaningful

Inquiry process leads one deeper

Outcomes & Assessments reveal student learning

Differentiated Instruction meets student need

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