Character Masks









This set includes 18 unique and interesting character masks made from a durable plastic. They can be easily cleaned and thus are suitable for sharing between students.Each mask indicates an expression and an emotion.  Even the shyest of students can suddenly be freed in their expression with these masks.

There are also 12 white neutral masks, which are meant to indicate no facial expression or emotion. The neutral masks are excellent for movement exercises and make the actor use their body more expressively.

A selection of hats and scarves help round out the set and provide an extra dimension to the mask work. The set has three mirrors so that students can see themselves transformed.

Teacher materials include suggestions for ways to introduce the masks and scenarios for development with students. It describes warm ups, focus, concentration, group work and trust exercises.

The Arts Education consultant will accompany the kit and provide help with planning and/or an introductory workshop for students.  Teachers are also welcome to borrow the kit on their own too.